Bill Curley – November 2013

bill-curley-november-2013Over the years, I would occasionally tweak my back out of alignment. I could count on at least one episode a year. A few days rest usually got me back to normal. Then in January 2013 my back really gave out. While digging my car out of some heavy snow I started to feel it tighten up. The next day I was a wreck. It literally took me twenty minutes to get out of bed. I needed crutches just to walk. With no real clue how to deal with the pain, I followed the advice of a friend to call Dr. De Francesco. I honestly didn’t really know much about chiropractic methods but I felt it was worth a try. I’m glad I made the call!

I got a number of pleasant surprises when dealing with the fine staff at the Chiropractic Health Center. It was amazing how quickly they agreed to see me. I think Barb could tell how desperate I was when I called. She quickly arranged to get me in to meet with Dr. D a half hour before their office actually opens. That’s certainly not the usual response you get when you call a health professional! Next, Dr. D gave me a thorough examination and after reviewing my x-ray on the spot, his diagnosis of the problem and thoughts on how to deal with the situation gave me the assurance that I could recover with some help. He was upfront with me as to what it would take to get my back some relief but he didn’t stop there. His main concern was my overall health as opposed to just the immediate pain. He was already thinking long term and that really clicked with me. Since I enjoy being active outdoors with long distance backpacking and sea kayaking, I had some motivation to get back to good health. Dr. D helped me understand the current situation and he gave me the confidence that things could improve with time and effort on my part.

The very next day Dr. D started in with everyday treatments to get my back loosened up. Within two weeks we started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Next came the daily stretching which definitely made a big difference. I actually enjoy the stretches but I also try to recall the back pain I had before so I can maintain them as part of my daily routine. Nine months later I have to say my back feels better than it has in years. I’m back hiking and kayaking with no restrictions. Despite feeling great, I’ve continued with periodic adjustments to help maintain the good feeling. In addition I think the whole experience has made me much more health conscious. Maintaining good health has become more of an everyday thing – keep moving, watching what I eat and getting rid of stress seems to work for me.

Many thanks to the good folks at the Chiropractic Health Center. Your professionalism, dedication and cheerfulness are much appreciated. See you next month!