Jeff Stuart – August 2012

jeff-stuart-august-2012Enter Dr. Patrick DeFrancesco. Although I was a skeptic, Dr. D snapped, cracked and manipulated my muscles and within three weeks- I was new. I could not understand how one man could make a broken down body feel this good again. Since going to him I have obtained two more national titles at the US Masters National Open Swimming Competition in both the 5K and the 2 Mile swims.

The benefits I see in my overall well-being are in: My mind- which is sharper because my body doesn’t hurt, my body-which is just better due to consistent maintenance with adjustments, and Spirit- which is soaring because of no longer having back pain!

I enjoy going to the office because of the energy level, the competence level of each and every staff member, and the way I always feel when I walk out the door- with a smile on my heart.