Marina Guasta – March 2017

#1: Why did you start chiropractic?

I began chiropractic care because I was experiencing intense back and neck pain due to sports injuries over the years, as well as joint pain in my wrists and elbows. Despite any attempts I made to alleviate the pain myself, the problems persisted. That’s when my parents suggested to me that I start seeing Dr. D at the Chiropractic Health Center of Glastonbury.

#2: Why are you continuing your care?

I continue to play sports and stay active, and continuing my care with Dr. D lets me do that. Because of these adjustments, I can do the things I love like soccer and hiking without the constant neck and back pain I used to feel, and in the case of a new injury, I always know right where to go.

#3: What benefits do you see in your overall well being?

I always leave the chiropractic office feeling less tense and more relaxed than when I walked in. Thanks to Dr. D, I feel my body is healthier, and I am more focused unimpeded by the consistent aches and pains I felt before I started chiropractic care.

#4: Why do you like coming to our office for your care?

The staff at the Chiropractic Health Center of Glastonbury are always so open and friendly, and are dedicated to doing their very best for their patients. As well as myself, both my parents and younger siblings all come to this office for our care, and I don’t know what any of us would do without it. I’m very glad to have them looking after my health and wellness, as well as my family’s. Many thanks to Dr. D and the team!
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