Myles Mabry – March 2016

When my mom first told me she was going to a chiropractor, I immediately pegged that as something old people do when their bones start to give. In my eyes, chiropractors were reserved for those who had faced back injury, or for those who needed maintenance after a lifetime of wearing out their spine. With thoughts like these, you could only imagine my surprise when I ended up in Dr. D’s office. A few weeks before the beginning of my junior year in college, I began to experience a burning sensation in my lower back that made day to day activities uncomfortable and often difficult. I am 20 years old with no prior back or spine injuries and heavily active due to being on the Track and Field Team at the University of Hartford. The pain in my back, which appeared suddenly, soon began to interfere with my running and workout schedule which made returning to the team problematic. After a conversation with my mom, I decided I had nothing to lose and would begin treatment with Dr. D and his team.

Dr. D taught me that what a lot of people fail to realize is that chiropractic care is not only important when you are hurt, but is crucial even before you feel pain as maintenance. He said we should take care of our spine as we take care of teeth, not only when there is a problem but before as preventative care. A few weeks into the 10 week treatment, I began to see results. I was able to sit in class without feeling stinging pain in my back, and I was able to run more without feeling that burning sensation. I also became more in tune with my spine and would recognize when it became tight or unaligned. With Dr. D’s help, I am once again able to compete as I did before and am more informed on how to keep my spine healthy. He and his team have made the experience comfortable and have politely and compassionately worked with me and made me feel like a family member more than just a patient. My care isn’t quite over yet, but I am confident in the doctor that my spine will be as healthy as possible in no time.