Patryk Waszczak – May 2015

My athletic endeavors began in high school when I decided to pursue the sport of track and field. I quickly fell in love with pole vault due to its high skill level and athletic requirements. After high school, I decided to attend Southern Connecticut State University. My pole vault career only excelled: Earning an All-American title in the event and solidifying a spot on the SCSU All-Time Performance List. Academically, I pushed myself just as much as my athletics.

I attained my BS in Exercise Science – Human Performance as well as a minor in Nutrition. After college, I eagerly jumped into my fitness career.

Working at Fortitude Fitness in East Hartford as a personal trainer, I’ve had the opportunity to apply all my talents by improving the lives of individuals and making fitness a lifestyle for so many. With the guidance from my boss and owner, Vince, and fellow trainer Kelly, I have been able to continuously improve my training skills. As a coach at Crossfit 033 right here in Glastonbury, every day I work with some of the most dedicated and friendly people I have ever met. Having the pleasure of watching others set, meet, and then exceed their personal goals through fitness is truly a wonderful experience. Examining human movement and knowing exactly how to correct it into becoming a more efficient machine is both challenging and highly rewarding.

I was first introduced to Dr. DeFrancesco through a fellow weightlifter who spoke very highly of his craft. Doc D has been keeping me up and running for the past 2 years after many years of wear and tear I’ve inflicted upon myself. Dr. D’s high level of enthusiasm for chiropractic care and the friendly staff at the office have made my regular visits very enjoyable and informative. After each visit, I feel my body has returned to its maximal performance ability.