Dr. Patrick DeFrancesco has been setting the highest standards in chiropractic for over 30 years!

Dr. Patrick J. DeFrancescoDr. DeFrancesco opened his practice in 1992 with a primary goal to educate the citizens of Glastonbury and surrounding communities about the value and benefits of chiropractic care. He has focused his life and practice on the importance of healthy living.


Bachelor of Science: University of Miami
Doctor of Chiropractic Degree: Palmer College of Chiropractic, Magna Cum Laude

A healthy spine and nervous system, proper exercise combined with an appropriate diet leads to a healthy, happy and well-adjusted life.

Philosophy About Healing

Dr. DeFrancesco is a dedicated Doctor of Chiropractic, as evidenced by the completion of several hundred hours of continuing education seminars and numerous achievement awards over the years. He takes a comprehensive look at the “whole person”, not just his or her aches and pains.

He helps his patients understand how their bodies work and shows them how to establish pain-free existence. Chiropractors are not healers – they are catalysts for the innate healing powers within each and every individual.

Not only does Dr. DeFrancesco guide each of his patients in the categories of a healthy balanced approach, he is committed to each in his own life. His overall wellness model promotes:

  • Regular Exercise
  • Positive Thinking
  • Regular Chiropractic Care
  • Healthy Eating

He is passionate about continuing education and being current in the latest chiropractic advances.

On a Personal Note

Dr. DeFrancesco enjoys volunteering his time to help benefit local charities such as the annual “Toys for Care” event to collect holiday gifts for WTIC’s Gary Craig’s We Are The Children Party.

He is an active member of the International Chiropractic Association, The Connecticut Chiropractic Association, The Connecticut Chiropractic Council and The Glastonbury Chamber of Commerce. He has served on the board for the Glastonbury Wellness Committee and was a 20-year member of the Glastonbury Rotary Club.

Dr. DeFrancesco lives in Glastonbury with his wife, Katherine.

Featured Patient Testimonial

I suffer from GI issues and was in pain from severe esophageal spasms multiple times a day for more than a year. Things were so bad I had to take a medical leave from work and my doctors were saying the only thing left to try to help me was to remove my esophagus! Not wanting to take that drastic step I did some research on my own and found some articles stating that chiropractic can improve GI issues. I have several close friends who go to Dr. D and highly recommended him. I started seeing Dr D in December. When I met with him to review my x-rays he told me that I had two different problem areas in my spine that could be causing my issues and that he thought he could help me. I burst into tears right there in the treatment room. I was so embarrassed but Dr D understood, after a year of suffering I finally found someone who thought they could help me. I have been seeing Dr D ever since and I now only suffer from these painful spasms once or twice a month. I cannot recommend Dr D highly enough!! He really cares about my wellbeing and is so happy when I am able to report back to him that I have been pain free for several weeks in a row! I can never thank him enough! – Karen R.

"Best Chiropractic center in the State. I went to three chiropractors and none of them got my lower back back into place. I went to see Dr. D. and he snapped me back to normal in the first visit. Look no further. This place is the pinnacle of Chiropractic."
Joseph B.
"I’ve been coming with my parents for most of my life and will continue going forward. Great service and generous and friendly workers. Dr. DeFrancesco does amazing every time and is always helpful with information. Love it and would highly recommend!"
Kayla B.
"Dr. DeFrancesco has always listened attentively to the information I am giving him concerning any pain or discomfort. I have been seeing him for many, many years with fantastic results. My husband & I would highly recommend him for any of your chiropractic needs. I have heard high praised for Dr. Wade."
Lou-Anne S.
"Went to Dr. Pat many years ago. He saved me from having a back operation. Thank you for your skill and loyalty to your patients."
Michael L.
"I’m a 16 year old athlete and I’ve been pretty hard on my body my whole life. Between skiing, track, soccer, hurdling and more, my spine was in bad shape. I was on a painful path that would lead me to potential back surgeries at 25 if I continued without help. After going to Dr. DeFrancesco for less than 10 weeks, I’ve seen major improvement both on the field and structurally. My neck went from being pin straight to a very healthy curve after just a few visits and my back has never been in better shape. I feel better, perform better and am healthier thanks to Dr. D!"
Hannah K.
"I started going to Dr. Pat about 3 years ago on the recommendation of my father. I had seen other chiropractors in the past, however they never addressed the actual issues with my back and spine. Dr. Pat addressed the issues by designing a regimen of treatment and adjustments that ultimately gave me more movement in my back and body overall. Since then, I’ve been seeing him once a month to be adjusted and keep my back and spine healthy. I cannot express my gratitude to Dr. Pat enough. He has helped me and my family immensely and he will help you as well."
Matthew H.
"Dr. D is a friendly, helpful doctor. My whole family: Son, daughter, husband and I started seeing Dr. DeFrancesco when my son was in 5th grade. Dr. D. listens well, addresses my needs and is always interested in what's going on in my family. My family and I have seen Dr. DeFrancesco for over 25 years."
MaryBeth W.
"I am a new man, thanks to Dr D. I have been seeing him monthly for 20 years. He is great with injuries, of course, but the monthly visits have ensured and greatly improved my 'whole body wellness'. I highly recommend!"
Evan F.
"Dr. Patrick DeFrancesco is simply a miracle worker. I had suffered with back and spine pain from the time when I was in my early twenties. I consulted with two different spine surgeons and they suggested surgery, but with a caution they were not very confident about what the results might be. Then I saw Dr. D and everything changed. The days of taking over-the-counter pills to numb the pain ceased; I began again to enjoy hiking, dancing, swimming and water skiing. There are simply not enough great things that I can say about The Chiropractic Health Center of Glastonbury."
Richard S.
"I have been going to Dr. D since I was a kid and now my 3 kids come with me. My experiences have been amazing. Not only does Dr. D help us stay healthy but he also helped with my children as infants who were suffering with reflux. I thoroughly enjoy our visits. Dr. D and staff are the best!"
Lisa F.
"I started going to Dr. D when my orthopedic doctor recommended him for whiplash. I had always been skeptical of chiro services, but Dr. D and his associates are wonderful. They've kept me pain free for years now, as I have monthly adjustments to ensure good health now and in the future. I highly recommend Dr. D."
Maureen W.
"Dr. D has got me moving again with his adjustments, even with my severe scoliosis and arthritis. He is thorough, patient and kind. Thanks to him, I am walking 45 min a day and going dancing twice a week. Truly a miracle man."
Diana C.
"I have been seeing Dr. Pat for close to 30 years for my chiropractic care. He and his staff are always so polite and personable, it's like old school medical care. But in terms of the actual physical care, Pat and his staff are up to date and always striving to give the latest advances in care. Pat instills confidence, making sure you are on the same page in terms of what's involved and what you can expect. I could not recommend Dr. Pat and his team more highly."
Chris P.
"Dr DeFrancesco is the best. I can’t say enough good things about him. He is a genuine and caring person. It is his help that has allowed me to continue to go to work every day and provide for my family. The staff is always super accommodating and pleasant to deal with. I have never received an attitude. When Dr DeFrancesco is not available, I am fortunate that he leaves me in the talented hands of Dr Wade and Dr LeFavor."
Robert Z.
"I have been receiving care from Dr DeFrancesco for over 20 years. Whether I’ve seen him for maintenance or an injury, he is on point with his adjustments. Dr D treats the whole body and mind and actively takes an interest in his patients. I have trusted Dr D with caring for my children. I have and will continue to recommend him to everyone I know looking for a fantastic chiropractor with a friendly and professional team."
Debra R.
"Dr. Pat is friendly, courteous, thoughtful and caring. He not only cares about your all around health (and encourages you to try different things to stay healthy), but he cares about what is going on in your life in general. He is the best in town (dare I say the state) and I highly recommend him to everyone regardless of their age and their need for a chiropractor (but especially when they do)."
Lori A.
"I have known Dr. DeFrancesco for several years now. My husband recommended him for chiropractic adjustment because I was having issues with my fine motor skills. Pinching my fingers to turn knobs or lifting things became challenging and painful! I scheduled with Dr. D with hopes for a some type of solution. I have noted great improvement to my mobility since then! I’m also very active and engage in hard impact activities. Thanks for the routine tune ups!"
Cynthia H.
"I brought my nearly 3 year old daughter to see Dr. D due to her lifelong constipation issues. The change in her bowels habits and mood could be seen after one chiropractic visit and have continued throughout her treatment. She looks forward to her appointments and I am so thankful to have a happier kid. I would recommend this office to parents with kids who are having similar issues."
"I have been seeing Dr DeFrancesco for almost 20 years and he has always provided the best and only treatment that has relieved my chronic back pain from years of military service."
Mike F.
"I love Dr. D and his great staff. I have been going to him for about 16 years and I would gladly recommend him to anyone looking for a chiropractor. He has helped me immeasurably."
Lelaneia D.
"The care provided has done wonders for my cervical and lumbar back problems. I've avoided surgeries that other doctors said would be needed and I've been able to continue doing all the activities and sports I enjoy. When my cervical problems became acute, I tried a number of practices and treatments without appreciable success. That all changed when I became a patient of Dr. D. He fine-tuned treatment to my specific condition and the results were dramatic. I can't say enough about the difference made in my quality of life."
William H.
"I’ve been going to Dr. D for about 3 years and every time I leave, all of my tightness and stiff feeling in my back is gone. I do recommend coming here."
William C.
"In a matter of just a few seconds of examining my back, Dr. D pinpointed the exact location where my pain was. He did a slight gentle adjustment and the pain was gone. Since then I have been going to him for all my adjustments. Thank you Dr. D. for all that you do to keep me healthy and pain free. Chiropractic care is for everyone. No one has to live with aging pain".
Peggy H.
"My experience has been extremely healing for my health and body, overall I feel so much better now than before I started. I would like to personally thank Dr. D and staff for a life changing experience. I'm looking forward to continuing my office visits in the future. Thank you."
Kenneth M.
"Dr D is great, he is so patient and attentive to everything you have to say! He has really helped me eliminate pain I have been living with for years. The staff are extremely friendly and welcoming."
Aubrey S.
"Dr DeFrancesco is an amazing Chiropractor. I have been seeing him for my entire life, and my parents used to drive all the way from Albany NY just to make sure I was able to be seen by Dr D. His genuine desire to make sure you maximize your health is inspiring, and the fact that he clearly practices what he preaches really motivates you. His enthusiasm is infectious and you can't help but leave his office smiling."
Dominick R.
"I had been suffering from hip and leg pain for about year when a respected yoga instructor recommended Dr. D. I attended a Monday night seminar to check the place out and promptly overcame my skepticism. Dr. D is knowledgeable, caring and professional with an office staff that supports his philosophy. This is a state of the art facility providing first class health care. Dr. D has been a true partner in my healing process."
C. Rainey
"Best chiropractor in town!!! This office is amazing and always there when you need them! I’ve been a patient of Dr. D for over 20 years can’t say enough about him...you won’t be disappointed!"
Amy W.
"Dr. De Francesco is amazing. He took me from walking with crutches and a cane to resuming a very active life free of pain, all within a matter of a bit over two months. I cannot recommend him highly enough!"
Brian C.
"I have been going to see Dr. D for over 10 years now and have always been happy with my experience there. I would highly recommend this Chiropractic office if you have nerve or any kind of back pain."
Laura F.
"Both my parents and I see Dr D. I've been going for the past 2 years. They have a great family program. The staff is professional and welcoming. Dr D is always great with all my chiropractic issues."
Payton L.
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