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mission FITNESS
16:19 30 Oct 17
I started seeing Dr. D about 10 weeks ago after realizing I needed to fix my back for good. I'm a very active individual and lower back pain was getting in the way of activities I love to do. I can say that while my back is still a work in progress the time spent with Dr. D has been well worth it. I can see on x-rays and feel that my back has improved. I just ran 2 marathons in 2 weeks and these sessions helped me run these races with no back pain. Thanks to the whole crew at Chiropractic Health Center of Glastonbury! -Matt from mission FITNESS
Vicky Conen
15:07 26 Oct 17
I have been coming to Chiropractic Health Center since the beginning of the month and I must say, I’m impressed. Very organized office, very friendly people. Dr. Ericksen suggested a couple of items to help me with my pain issues at home, which have truly helped. I don’t feel that they are just there to just make money, but to help their patients and bring them to good health without pain.
Matt Salimando
11:29 07 Sep 17
I've been seeing Dr. D for almost 3 months now and nothing but positives from him and his entire staff! The concern that is shown is not just to take your money and run, it is genuine! From the smiles when you walk in the door to Dr. D himself. He has helped me personally realize that my back injury from years ago didn't have to be dealt with and that there was a very strong outlook of making an "as good as possible" recovery. I will continue to go to Dr D for all of my chiropractic needs as well as keep referring people to him.
Bob Landfear
00:37 21 Sep 17
I have been seeing Dr. D for seven years ever since I experienced a debilitating back issue. He rehabilitated me from excruciating pain through his treatments to the point where I could actually jog again after only several months! I owe my physical well being to my monthly visits with Dr D. The entire office is dedicated to their patients well being. This office represents the best of the best in chiropractic medicine!
Chrystal Goodson
18:48 28 Jul 17
Dr Woodbury is wonderful! I have had a huge improvement in my pain and range of motion. I also appreciate the fast visits- no wait time ever and the adjustments are 5 minutes tops (unless you have a concern in which case she is happy to spend as much time as you need to discuss). Overall very happy with my care
Lisa C.
13:40 02 Mar 18
I've been a patient of Dr. D for 10 years and will continue to do so because of the excellent care I receive as soon as I enter the door. His staff are friendly and the office is clean welcoming. Dr. D is knowledgeable, compassionate, and never short on great advice to improve my overall health. I truly appreciate the care I receive from my chiropractic family.
Bill Mazzara
20:38 13 Dec 17
Since seeing Dr. D over the past several weeks I feel that I can breathe better and am able to sleep on my sides without pain in my hips; also have gained a general feeling of well being. The office was friendly, timely and very professional. Amy greets you with a smile, is polite and very efficient! A good experience all around. Dr. D works his magic in a most professional, caring way. Mary M.....
Jo-Ann Pierpont
18:55 07 Feb 18
Visiting Dr. Defrancesco has become part of my overall wellness routine. In addition to my spinal adjustments, he cares about my overall health and me as a person. He is always the first doctor I go to with many of the concerns and questions I have. I drive over an hour just to get to his office, and it's worth every mile and minute in the car. Thank you, Dr. D and your team!!
Brenda McManus
16:22 18 Nov 17
My husband and I have been seeing Dr. D for many years. The office staff is very professional and always greet us with smiling faces. The facility is VERY clean and tidy. We have never waited more than ten minutes to be seen. . Thank you Dr D for always sharing your knowledge with us and taking the time to get to know us. In this office you have a name-you are NOT just as number! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Aida Cyphers
22:51 27 Mar 18
Have been going to Dr. D for about two years as needed for back pain. He also helped my husband who had a bad ski accident this winter. My husband had been sleeping in a recliner for weeks. He is much better and returned to a normal routine. I think his staff is excellent and very efficient. Very pleasant office. We think Dr. D is the best!
Lynn Frazier
22:03 28 Mar 18
I am so grateful to Dr. D and his staff, not only for their amazing care, but for their patience, and kindness with me. I have been to other chiropractors and always ended up leaving, discouraged. Dr. D explained every step of my program, alleviating all my fears. I always felt like he truly cared about my health, my getting better. Thanks to him, I feel better now than I have in years. I believe in being proactive with my health and will continue to come on a regular basis the rest of my life to stay strong and healthy.
Meg Sakellarides
00:05 06 Apr 18
Dr. Pat has treated my husband and me for years and our quality of life has changed immensely under his care. His chiropractic approach goes well beyond just an adjustment as his care concentrates on our well-being as a whole. Dr. Pat is a motivator and our biggest cheerleader for exercise, stretching, and overall self-improvement. His practice is run very efficiently and professional.
Ashley Serrano
21:57 17 Apr 18
Wow so many good things to say about this chiropractic center! First let me start off by saying that my entire family swears by Dr. D’s care... the entire staff here is very friendly and nice. They always accommodate to your schedule, and ensure you’re being taken care of. You will learn about how important your spine is and how much subluxation’s can affect the rest of your body. I’m only 21 and this his care has done amazing things for my family and I. After my 10 week treatment I feel better than ever. No more pain, better posture and most important I feel great. Thank you so much for everything!
Laura Malin
08:28 28 Apr 18
I highly recommend getting diagnosed and adjusted by Dr. DeFrancesco! I've been seeing him for adjustments since he opened his practice in Glastonbury years ago. Dr.D was able to bring quick relief to me and treat the occasional flare up of an old injury. He and his staff are warm, wonderful, friendly, prompt, attentive, skilled, and knowledgeable.
Tom Clark
22:38 06 Jun 18
Dr D. taught me how to take care of my back to stay healthy.Dr D had a class that taught us good habits. How to sleep ; drive ; walk etc. Great experience. He cares.
20:26 12 Jun 18
very nice and clean place.. staff is very friendly and helpful ,caring..the doctor gets all my the info they need to get you healthy and pain free... I would highly recommend this place to co-workers friends and family ????
Thomas Bertelsen
00:41 16 Jun 18
Excellent and knowledgeable staff who take the time to educate you every step along the way through your chiropractic care. I could not be happier with the treatment I have received from Dr. D and his staff. Thank you!
Brandi Plante
19:23 17 Jul 18
Amazing staff! Amy at the front is just amazing. Dr L knows her stuff and is understanding to my needs. Wonderful experience, highly recommended!!
Brian Arfanis
21:14 24 Jul 18
I have been going for over 10 years and have nothing but compliments. Great staff and great care. Overall great for your health.
17:37 21 Aug 18
This place is amazing!!!!!! They not only treat you, they educate you. Dr. D explains everything he is going to do, from the time he develops your treatment plan until it’s complete. His staff is professional and accommodating in every way. I am now on a maintenance plan to keep me healthy and in good shape. Dr. D is amazing at what he does and puts your mind at ease if you are concerned about anything.
Tim Nolan
13:30 19 Sep 18
Dr D is a caring and genuine professional. The office staff is great and I would recommend Dr D's practice to anyone. As an avid golfer, I brought my handicap down from a 12 to a 6 in 3 years, thanks to the increased flexibility that Dr D’s care has afforded me.
Lisa Schuck
14:23 17 Sep 18
My kids and I have been seeing Dr. D for several years now and he has been great! Takes a genuine interest in our family and how we are doing. We always feel welcome and comfortable!
Mandy S
18:34 10 Oct 18
I have been seeing Dr. D for adjustments since I was five years old! (I am now 28). My dad and brother have also seen Dr. D this long. I continue to see Dr. D for maintenance check-ups and I believe I am in better health overall because Dr. D aligns my spine. I have excellent mobility and I always refer anyone who is suffering from back or neck pain to Dr. D. He is positive, upbeat and is always trying to better himself and others around him. Beyond chiropractic care, he believes in holistic health and I am always learning something new. Moreover, he is a wonderful person and family friend.
Thomas West
18:17 06 Oct 18
I have been very satisified with the care provided to me over the last 4 months from the Chiropractic Health Center of Glastonbury. Dr. LaFavor has been instrumental in providing me with the care needed to relieve my upper and lower back discomfort. I write today free of any back pain. Also, you won't find a better front desk person than Amy. My thanks to them for doing a great job and making me glad I sought out professional care for my back ailments. I highly recommend this Wellness Center to anyone thinking of seeing a Chiropractor.
Angelo Lastrina
21:53 11 Oct 18
Best chiropractor in this area by far and I have been to many others. Always provides excellent care. Love the staff.
CarriAnn Coventry
12:53 23 Oct 18
I've been receiving care here for about a month. It is such an open, caring, supportive and welcoming office. Dr. LaFavor has been so amazing and helpful and I would recommend her to anyone! Both doctors in the office are fantastic!!! I wouldn't go anywhere else!!
Tammy Wehr
17:19 07 Nov 18
I’ve been seeing Dr D for 28 years.. his level of compassion and knowledge is amazing! His personal interest in your well being never wavers. He surrounds himself with a friendly staff and super clean office.
lauren c
01:50 20 Dec 18
Dr. D has been providing excellent care to my family and me for the past 10 years. He is knowledgeable and really cares about his patients' well-being. His office staff are welcoming and always accommodating. I have been away at college, but whenever I'm back in CT, the first appointment I make is with Dr. D!
Doreen Sharkey
16:26 20 Dec 18
An extremely professional and caring staff and educational experience as well. After being away from chiropractic care for some time it is a pleasure to get back to a healthy routine in such a positive encouraging environment. Thanks Dr. D and staff!
Kristin Anderson
02:37 06 Jan 19
I have been a patient at the Chiropractic Health Center of Glastonbury for over a decade. I trust Dr. D. and his team implicitly. I would highly recommend this practice.
Erica Norman
00:57 31 Jan 19
My parents and I have all been going to Dr. D for over 10 years now. He and his staff are excellent and are always warm and welcoming. There is no other chiropractor I rather see, he truly helps you understand the importance of spine health and also treats you like family. Would recommend The Chiropractic Health Center of Glastonbury a thousand times over!!!
Orion Callahan
20:56 23 Jan 19
I always look forward to seeing Dr. D because he give the best care in the business. After trying many different chiropractors, i can say hands down that the Chiropractic Health Center of Glastonbury is the best in the area. friendly staff that greets you by name and Dr. D knows you and the problems you are experiencing as soon as you walk in. He doesn’t need to read a script or check the notes on your file, he already knows. 5 out of 5 would recommend coming here!
Melissa Lussen
22:15 21 Jan 19
Dr D. Is one of the best chiropractors I've ever seen. His adjustments are always thorough with quick in and out services. His staff is always friendly and fantastic about finding appointments to fit my busy schedule.
Mark Guasta
14:54 24 Jan 19
Doc D is wonderful. Whatever is ailing me he always has an amazing way of fixing it. If my foot hurts from running he realigns my bones in my foot. If my knee hurts he puts my tibia back in place. If it’s my jaw he fixes it. I have been seeing him, the whole family has for years. I couldn’t imagine life without Doc removing my back pain and all my other pains on a regular basis. He’s truly a life saver.
Jocelyn DeMaio
21:24 18 Jan 19
Dr. DeFrancesco and his team truly have your back! They are not only extremely professional and helpful but genuinely care about your well being! I first visited Chiropractic Health Center of Glastonbury for an injury but have continued to go there on a regular/preventative basis. I feel much better! In addition, the group is very supportive of the community and other local businesses. I just love that they partnered with We Are the Children to donate thousands of dollars worth of toys and for the organization which they matched toy for toy/dollar for dollar. I highly recommend Dr. D and Chiropractic Health Center of Glastonbury for both injury and injury prevention! Good all-around business offering a quality service and doing so with genuine care!
Nono Backus
02:16 03 Feb 19
Dr. D is my super hero. Every time he adjusts me, I feel so much better. I think Dr. D is amazing! I would not go anywhere else.
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