Dr. Elisa LaFavor is dedicated to providing quality care and truly listening to her patient’s concerns.

Dr. Elisa LaFavorAs a top rated female chiropractor in Connecticut, Dr. LaFavor is passionate about continuing education and stays current with the latest advances in chiropractic. She was first introduced to the field when she received care from a husband and wife team in her home state of Maine. After working with the couple, she realized chiropractic could be her career path.


Bachelor of Science: University of Maine
Doctor of Chiropractic Degree: Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, Florida

Experience with Chiropractic

During school, Dr. LaFavor participated in the Clinic Abroad Program and received a recognition certificate for providing chiropractic care to students and families in Fiji.

She began her career in Florida in 2010, with a primary goal to improve overall patient wellness through routine chiropractic care, nutrition and functional exercise.

Being a Female Chiropractor

When her husband received a job offer from Pratt & Whitney, they relocated to Connecticut with their two retired racing greyhounds. As a member of The Chiropractic Health Center of Glastonbury team, Dr. LaFavor became one of a few female chiropractors practicing in Glastonbury!

I think it’s a great time to be a female chiropractor! The field is constantly evolving and a lot more women are choosing chiropractic as their career choice.

As many patients seek out female chiropractors for personal reasons, Dr. LaFavor believes more women pursuing this career path is for the best.

Approach to Care

Dr. LaFavor is passionate about serving anyone in her community seeking chiropractic care, including athletes, kids, pregnant women and the geriatric population. Depending on the patient’s condition, she can provide high velocity firm adjustments or gentler, low-force techniques to treat musculoskeletal problems, neck, joint and back pain.

A higher quality of life is achievable through chiropractic care, a proper diet and appropriate exercise.

The Chiropractic Health Center of Glastonbury team is committed to treating the underlying problem, not just the symptoms. They believe in treating the whole body, which helps patients maintain overall health and wellness in the long run.

If you feel better, you can move better and you can live better.

Dr. LaFavor often sees patients who work hard in their careers, which can take a toll on wellbeing. As the activities of daily living become more painful over time, many people are forced to give up the recreational activities they enjoy.

Chiropractic care can find the source of pain, ease discomfort and help these patients get back to their lives, pain-free. Dr. LaFavor finds it very rewarding when patients commit to care and reach a full recovery.

Positive patient testimonials and reviews are better than awards and recognition.

On a Personal Note

Dr. LaFavor describes herself as a very active, outdoorsy person. She enjoys running, cycling, skiing, scuba diving, hunting and fishing. Outside the office, she furthers her dedication to helping others by volunteering in her local community.

"Fantastic! Super friendly and always a pleasure to deal with, but they also get results. In the past I've been a bit of a skeptic on chiropractic care for my personal situation, but this time Dr. LaFavor made a notable difference in my pain levels. Thanks!"
Chris Allen
"Before being a patient at this office I had unbearable back pain from a sudden injury. I became a patient of Dr. LaFavor’s and she immediately pinpointed my issues/pain and took them seriously, yet made me feel comfortable and not stressed at all! I was able to have a gradual recovery with their 10 week program of service and after receiving the proper care I was able to see a tremendous positive difference in the shape of my spine and how I felt physically."
Sophie Groenstein
"Dr. Elisa is very professional and consistent in her approach. Her objectivity sets her apart in the field in that she takes an x-ray before treatment is begun and one after 10 weeks of adjustments. My x-rays showed positive structural changes! And my neck pain is gone!"
Amanda Rodriguez
"I have been really helped by Dr. Eliza LaFavor. I was in so much pain in my back, neck, etc. I tell everyone I now feel like a million dollars! Chiropractic Health Center of Glastonbury is a very caring facility with one thought in mind: To get you back to health. It is a pleasure to go to the office because they care, they're organized, clean and pleasant to all. I have gained knowledge on how to take care of yourself and still learning. Thank you everyone, you are very much appreciated."
Fran Samuelson
"I have been receiving treatment from this establishment for at least two years now. The receptionist staff is very friendly and accommodating. Scheduling is very flexible. Dr. LaFavor is knowledgeable and caring to my needs. I would highly recommend the Chiropractic Health Center of Glastonbury!"
Morgan P
"CHC of Glastonbury has the friendliest and most accommodating staff! Dr. LaFavor is a great listener and I know I am in good hands each time I go. I truly appreciate the staff and commend them for their service and professionalism."
Jack Velásquez
"Dr. LaFavor has helped me with acute and chronic neck pain. As a bonus, my years of severe migraine headaches are nearly gone. She is very helpful and always willing to share her knowledge of chiropractic care. I highly recommend giving it a try if you’re in pain or even to avoid pain."
Cheryl Tuttle
"Dr. Elisa LaFavor has helped me a lot. I was having way too much pain continuously in my shoulders, wrists and hands including problems with range of motion. I am so much better now! She was also able to re-align my back and my posture is much better now. I would highly recommend her. Office staff is great!!!"
Maureen Carroll
"All of the staff are incredibly welcoming, kind, and knowledgeable. Dr. LaFavor has helped me a tremendous amount in the wake of a minor auto accident. My neck is back to its proper position and I am really happy with the general progress made. Thank you everyone!"
Gloria Pappalardo
"Dr. LaFavor is such a good chiropractor! She listens to my concerns, really looks for problem areas, and adjusts each one with care & accuracy. I highly recommend this doc!"
Emily Jacesko
"I love this place. It smells incredible inside. I feel like I'm In Yankee Candle. Dr. LaFavor was mine, and she was super sweet and nonjudgmental. It made it easy to go to her."
Scott Marcoe
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